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  1. THis is just a friendly negative comment. Good recipe but I would suggest next video dont make us watch you cut up a whole pineapple or stir and stir and stir something. Maybe fast forward your video on that part. But overall good recipe.

  2. Would these amounts do for 4 persons,looks fantastic

  3. I will be preparing this dish tonight. Thank you

  4. Not sure about your slurry mix. How much corn starch and how much water?

  5. this looks delicious with all the bright beautiful colors in it—-and I love pineapple so this is right up my alley

  6. Eeww .. Taste horrible

  7. Seafood would be great in this "dish." Auto-correct, sorry.

  8. Thank you for your easy to follow and delicious recipes. Your presentation and direction make it easy to follow and execute. The dish was a hit. I am trying next time with the addition of toasted cashews or walnuts. Seafood; shrimp, scallops, etc., would taste good as well substituted in this fish.
    Thank you again.

  9. Is there a substitute for sesame oil ?? . I really wanna try this recipe oil but am just not sure if i could get sesame oil in my locality ..

  10. Looks great…I'll be trying this. I love anything with pineapple…Thx