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  1. i only need 20 minutes 2 cook this.wat a slow cooker lmao

  2. Eine Idee für eure Halloween-Party.
    Wir wünschen allen Halloween Fans ein schauriges Wochenende

  3. Wow – this must have 17,000 mg. of sodium in it.

  4. What's cooking liquid ? Towards the middle of the video it says whisk cooking liquid with cornstarch
    What the heck is cooking liquid ? Lol

  5. That beef wasn't thick enough for you to put it on for six hours…

  6. I hate you guys its horrible

  7. Yay, another crockpot recipe.  I think I would add the broccoli when the cornstarch mixture goes in so I didn't have to dirty up another pan (which is why I use crockpots anyway).  And less brown sugar (not big on sweet things – everyone one probably like is though).  Also, if you mix the cornstarch and liquid in a jar and shake it, it blends faster and more uniformly – no lumps.

  8. You're fucking joking right?
    Chinese eateries in Asia get this done in 5 minutes at a level you'd dream of reaching.  6-8 hours?  ROFLMAO!

  9. beeef is way overdone….seriously?? 6 hours??

  10. The hell with steaming the broccoli.  Nuke the fuckers then drop them in the beef and sauce to simmer a bit.

  11. first comment yayyyyy looks delicious